Driving performance and long-term equity

You need more than a pimped-out tech stack and content marketing to drive performance and long-term equity.

In the innovation universe that most of us inhabit, some view technology as a be-all-end-all solution to their performance woes.  Build the machine, and the conversions will come.  Tech is an integral part of the equation, but our rallying cry at C42D is that without a brand-driven foundation, the performance of your marketing won’t reach its full potential.

What is brand?

To us, it’s the big picture, the whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.  It’s every interaction your internal and external stakeholders have with your firm. It’s your story and your mission. It’s your why.  It’s your values and your attitude.  It’s how your customers feel about you.  Done right, it allows you to command a price premium and amplifies your marketing efforts.

Ignore this at your peril.

Being brand-driven is a philosophy, a way of running a business that believes in the power of a strong brand and the benefits across the enterprise internally, as well as externally in the market. So, thinking about brand is a holistic process.

At C42D, we’re not just creating brands with a short-term view and measuring response and conversions, but also realizing the benefits of a consistent and robust brand position delivered over time, doing work that is conceptually driven, that will excite staff internally, and extend across all channels and touchpoints. It’s high quality; it has legs and is born out of compelling positioning that achieves business goals and opportunities. If you’d like to chat about how a brand-driven approach to your marketing efforts can pay dividends for your firm, drop us a line here, we’d love to hear from you.

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